How Search Engine Optimization Helps Businesses Gain Exposure

White label seo

Search engine optimization is without a doubt one of the most influential internet marketing tools out there today. Since search engines are so widely used to link up customers with businesses who sell the products or services for which they search, it makes sense for a business to invest in search engine optimization, which helps to increase the business’ ranking on search engine result pages and overall boosts the business’ web presence.

Interestingly, about 75 percent of people who perform an internet search find what they are looking for on the first search engine result page. That means they usually don’t go past the first page, which is bad news for businesses who aren’t on that first page. However, investing in things like private label SEO can help a business go from the back pages to the first page.

Private label SEO is one type of search engine optimization perfect for small businesses. Approximately three-quarters of Internet search engine users say that they avoid paid advertisements, clicking on only organic links instead, and SEO marketers provide only top-notch, organic content for their clients.

In short, SEO leads have a 14.6 percent close rate, which compares favorably to the 1.7 percent close rate found from outbound leads like direct mail advertising. Because SEO helps to provide a top-notch overall web presence, it often includes things like website design and social media marketing as well. Plus, more and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to connect to the internet, so more companies are looking into having good mobile websites.

Overall, a business can benefit from SEO because at the end of the day, if no one knows that business exists, the business is not likely to sell its product or service enough to stay afloat.

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